LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Approximately 300 Muslims live in the Lawton area. Around 60 people pray at the Islamic Center of Lawton every day. Many are terrified about what’s being going on in the world.

Dr. Hassan Ahmed, the Director of the Islamic Center of Lawton is still in shock. He is a US citizen from Somalia. He says he has always felt equal and apart of this country, until this executive order came out. He’s scared this will only undermine and threaten national security even more.

“I could not really believe it is true,” said Ahmed. “I was trying to convince myself yes it is true.”

Dr. Hassan Ahmed, the Director of the Islamic Center of Lawton is upset, confused and hurt over President Trump’s executive order.

“If he wanted all of us to make this country safe, we have to consider everybody and respect everybody,” said Ahmed. “Excluding anybody can not make any country safe.”

This order created chaos and protests all over the country, and most of them, in airports. After A Mosque in Victoria, Texas was burned on Saturday and The shooting that left six people dead at a Mosque in Canada Sunday, Ahmed fears something could happen in Oklahoma.

“We are worried for especially, our women who wear Hijab,” said Ahmed. “They will be easy targets. Anyone who has hate in their heart will use this kind of policy to validate their actions.”

Trump has been defending his order saying it’s all about security.

“To keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America,” said President Trump. “We don’t want them here.”

Ahmed feels this is a direct violation of the US Constitution because this country is built on immigration.

“Everybody came from somewhere and that’s how this country’s economy was sustained,” said Ahmed. “Everybody who has knowledge came to this country. Everybody who is hungry for knowledge came to this country. It is something that has benefited the US economically, in society and everything.”

If he could say anything to President Trump after signing this executive order, he would say….

“I am proud to be Muslim,” said Ahmed. “I am also proud to be American. We are part of the equation. Please do not exclude us………..Islamic Centers do not allow anyone who holds hate against this country and we are all together.”

Dr. Ahmed says its too early and sensitive to the Muslim community to know where they will go from here or what’s next, but he says they will stick together and stand up for what they believe is right.