The Islamic Society of Tulsa is condemning the shooting at a Garland, Texas Muhammad cartoon contest. It is also condemning the contest itself.

On Sunday, police shot and killed two gunmen who opened fire at a security guard working outside the event. The guard sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was later released from the hospital.

Aliye Shimi, public relations director for the Islamic Society of Tulsa, says she’s disgusted by the actions of the men who took it upon themselves to perform what she called “vigilante justice.”

“Regardless of what the event was about, for somebody, you know, to commit such a heinous act, it’s just beyond me. It’s beyond words, and for them to, you know, to say that they did in the name of a particular religion, it’s just so saddening. So saddening,” she said.

The event, organized by American Freedom Defense Initiative , offered a $10,000 prize for the contest.

AFDI is led by Pamela Geller, who also heads the group Stop Islamization of America and has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as anti-Muslim .

“Given her reputation, that’s exactly what she wanted. And unfortunately, we have these rogue individuals who decide to, on their own, (carry out) vigilante law if you will,” she said. “As an American Muslim, that’s trampling on my civil liberties when these two individuals take it upon themselves. We need to let the courts decide these type of issues.”

Shimi says the actions of the two men in Texas will continue to cause damage to a religion built on peace that is practiced by 1.6 billion people worldwide.

She also stressed that it is considered blasphemy in Islam to illustrate the prophet of any religion.