TULSA, Okla. – “Love is all you need.”

The famous Beatles’ tune was sung by an interfaith group near the doors of a church that was targeted on Easter in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

According to Facebook posts now going viral, the Fellowship Congregational Church UCC is “receiving nasty threats from close-minded and hateful people” and being protested with “vicious, ugly things shouted through a megaphone at everyone, more loudly at the children.”

So, the interreligious “wall of people” lined up on Sunday “to create a safe passageway,” “shield the family and children from the graphic posters and hateful comments that were being shouted at them” and greet the churchgoers – the footage of which is getting thousands of views.

Those in the line covered with jackets, umbrellas and even blankets, as it was cloudy, cold and wet outside, however many expressed warmth was felt all around:

“We were met with such appreciation, warm hugs, teary smiles and so much gratefulness. My heart is so full. I am so grateful for being part of such an amazing and loving community. Happy Easter to all those celebrating.”

“It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen, and I could never thank them enough.”

“Muslims and Jews shielding Christians from the hateful rhetoric of other Christians – in Oklahoma!”

“Our Muslim and Jewish siblings shielded us from a kind of hatred similar to what they themselves experience so often and we, with all of our privilege, experience so rarely. This morning, our guests taught me hospitality with their care. They humbled me with their love, their bravery and their presence. They filled me with contagious joy, singing with such goofy gusto. On a day when we, as Christians, celebrate the presence of God alive in the world, to be so surrounded by love was a truly holy experience.”