Ramped up security planned on Friday because of threats made towards Muslim Day at the Capitol.

Leaders with CAIR-Oklahoma say they’re worried about participants safety.

Organizers say it’s supposed to be a special day for Muslims to take part in their local government, but instead they’re fighting hate speech and threats.

“We’ve heard all kinds of crazy things you know from people saying they want to throw bacon at attendees or block entrance at the Capitol,” said Adam Soltani, Executive Director of CAIR-Oklahoma.

Soltani has spent hours planning the second annual Muslim Day at the Capitol coming up on Friday. He’s expecting around 250 Muslims from across the state to come out for panels and discussions with state leaders.

“This is an opportunity for Muslims to engage with their elected leaders and to show the truth faiths of the Muslim community. And to really balance out the negative message that some people put out there,” said Soltani.

But leading up to Friday’ s event Soltani says the organization has received hateful messages online like this one: “Everyone should simply put as big a pocketful of bacon bits in their pockets and throw it like wedding confetti all over those neanderthal b*****ds.”

“The saddest thing all of it is that, you know, being at the Capitol and engaging with our elected leaders is one of our fundamental rights as American citizens. And something that each and every American regardless of their faith or background should value,” said Soltani.

Soltani says they know of six groups who plan to protest on Friday, so they have planned increased security. He says it’s just a part of the constant struggle for the Muslim community to fight stereotypes in today’s world.

“We are a part of the fabric of our beautiful state and our country. And I want our fellow Oklahomans to know that our religion is one of peace, and love, of mercy and compassion,” said Soltani.

The second annual Muslim Day at the Capitol will take place on Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm, anyone is welcome.