Computer Class and Club: The Computer Club of Oklahoma City and The Spero Project

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This spring, CAIR Oklahoma introduced The Computer Club of Oklahoma City to The Spero Project to explore a potential new partnership to teach Afghan women how to use computers. The first class took place at the end of April, and Gail Voth from The Spero Project works with Ann Knutson (volunteer for The Spero Project and The Computer Club of OKC) for the weekly session. 

While there are a variety of free computer classes available online, what makes this class unique is the focus on teaching students who may not know how to read or write in their home language. The teaching manual was adapted by Bill James and Ann Knutson of The Computer Club of OKC after the first iteration of the course with Afghan women last fall. They incorporate images in place of written words and build in repetitive writing and speaking of basic English words and phrases at each class session.  

One of the students noted, “Before we came to computer class, we had no idea about computers. We learned how to open the computer, how to turn it on, and how to use the Internet. We knew none of this before. We have learned a lot.” 

The Spero Project recently raised over $3500 in just one day to purchase additional computers and expand the number of students who can access this small-group instruction to practice hands-on computer literacy skills!

If your organization would like to support Afghan neighbors, CAIR Oklahoma can help you reach your goals! Email Jen Hund ( to learn more.