CAIR Oklahoma, as an organization, supports Oklahoma State Question 802, which will be on the June 30th Primary ballot. We are urging all Oklahomans to vote YES on this state question.

CAIR Oklahoma Government Affairs Director, Lani R. Habroick, said: “Oklahoma is only one of 14 states that have yet to extend Medicaid to low-income adults. Taking care of those in need is a core value in the Islamic faith and is especially representative of the spirit of the Oklahoma Muslim community.”

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The State Question on June 30th will give Oklahoma voters the chance to expand Medicaid and cover approximately an additional 200,000 people.

Habrock add: “This constitutional amendment falls directly in line with CAIR Oklahoma’s stance on criminal justice reform. Locking people up and throwing away the key for nonviolent offenses is against the values of the Muslim community and is antithetical to the spirit of what makes Oklahoma great.”

Medicaid expansion was authorized by the Affordable Care Act and became available to states in 2014. However, Oklahoma is one of just 14 states that has not expanded its Medicaid programs to include low-income working adults. Among those who would be covered with the passage of 802, includes parents working jobs that do not offer insurance and seniors nearing retirement who have lost healthcare coverage.

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“We are proud to offer our support for SQ 802 and to be a part of the effort to create a more just and compassionate state.” – Lani R. Habrock