The Oklahoma Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-OK) today released its 2016 Civil Rights Report showing an increase in complaints involving vandalism or property damage to Islamic institutions and a similar increase in hate crime-related reports that involved violence.

SEE: 2016 CAIR-OK Civil Rights Report

“This report is a vital part of our organization’s mission to defend civil liberties,” said Civil Rights Director Veronica Laizure. “It allows us to track, year by year, the status of Muslim civil rights in our state and to note trends that show the progress we’ve made and the work we still have yet to do.”

The first CAIR-OK Civil Rights Report was released in December 2015, covering the complaints and incidents reported to and processed by the newly formed CAIR-OK Civil Rights Department. The newest report contains updated data on processed claims as well as information on the expanded work of the Civil Rights Department, including coalition building, outreach, leadership, and seminars and workshops presented to a variety of community organizations.

SEE: CAIR-OK Releases Civil Rights Report

Some key findings in the report indicate some alarming trends in the status of Muslim civil rights in Oklahoma:

  • Increases in complaints involving vandalism or property damage at mosques and Islamic centers;
  • Increase in hate crime-related reports that involved violence and/or assault;
  • Increase in referrals to immigration services, particularly in the latter half of 2016.

The report also notes significant accomplishments of CAIR-OK:

  • Presented with the ACLU of Oklahoma’s Angie Debo Award, the state’s top civil liberties award;
  • Development of the first Muslim Voter Guide, accompanying a voter registration drive in advance of the 2016 elections;
  • Production of guides to Islamic religious practices for employers and educators, which are available free of charge;
  • Numerous appearances by CAIR-OK staff at rallies, marches, symposiums, workshops, and other community events, spreading the message of the organization and promoting justice and tolerance.

For a print copy of the CAIR-OK 2016 Civil Rights Report, please contact the Civil Rights Department at

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