The ripple effect of the largest mass shooting on American soil is now being felt here in Oklahoma.

Today Freedom Oklahoma, an LGBTQ Advocacy group, and CAIR Oklahoma, a peaceful civil rights and advocacy group for Oklahoma’s Muslim Community, came together to express not only their grief, but their bond. Leaders from both organizations gathered in solidarity, to show their love and respect for one another.

“This is not about any single religion,” said Freedom Oklahoma Executive Director Troy Stevenson,” This is not about any religion in fact, this is about hatred.”

Cair Oklahoma Executive Director Adam Soltani tells Fox 25 he is standing beside his brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community, and despises the horrendous act of violence.

“We unequivocally and unashamedly, and time and time again, have condemned acts of violence perpetrated in the name of our faith. The man who did this does not represent the 40,000 Muslims in Oklahoma, does not represent 7 million Muslims in America and does not represent 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. What makes it even worse is that this horrific crime has not only happened in the midst of pride month, but also in the midst of the holy month of Ramadan,” said Soltani.

Soltani also took the time to apologize to the LGBTQ community, expressing unfortunately he too is all too familiar with hate crimes.

Stevenson stressed that although the LGBTQ community is heartbroken, they refuse to live in fear, and will continue to encourage education.