This afternoon folks from all across the Metro gathered outside the Cair Oklahoma Center to provide a sign of peace, with a simple message; Hate Free OKC.

As over 1,200 Muslim men and women left the Cair center after a time of prayer they were greeted at every exit by signs that read “We love you!” and “#HateFreeOKC” which is now trending online.

The rally members split up to make sure that at every exit at the community was greeted with a sign of love and compassion, which organizers say sadly is becoming more rare.

Organizers say it’s time to change the way we perceive the Oklahoma standard.

Carl Rubenstein with the Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma helped to organize the rally and says he’s tired of the bigotry he says he sees on a regular basis in our state. “It’s an expression of fear and prejudice and ignorance that combine to create hatred and we don’t think that’s what the United States is all about.” Rubenstein said, ” We have good, solid community of Muslims in our community who are strong members of society they’re doctors, they’re nurses they’re business people.”

Members of the Cair Oklahoma community say they were overwhelmed by the sign of support, and hope that this message of hope will continue to grow and overwhelm the constant message of hate they have been experiencing in recent months.