2020 Tulsa Runoff Election Guide

What is a runoff election?

A runoff election occurs when three candidates run for a position and none of the three received 50% of the votes. A runoff election then becomes a race between the two candidates with the most votes, to have a runoff decision between the two.

Who has already won out of the nine districts?

District 1 Vannesa Hall-Harper http://www.tulsacouncil.org/councilors/district-1/


Phone: 918-596-1921

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist1@tulsacouncil.org




District 2 Jeannie Cue http://www.tulsacouncil.org/councilors/district-2/


Phone: 918-596-1922

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist2@tulsacouncil.org


District 3 Crista Patrick http://www.tulsacouncil.org/councilors/district-3/


Phone: 918-596-1923

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist3@tulsacouncil.org


District 4 Kara Joy McKee http://www.tulsacouncil.org/councilors/district-4/


Phone: 918-596-1924


Email: Dist4@tulsacouncil.org




District 8 Phil Lakin http://www.tulsacouncil.org/councilors/district-8/


Phone: 918-596-1928

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist8@tulsacouncil.org


District 9 Ben Kimbro http://www.tulsacouncil.org/councilors/district-9/


Phone: 918-596-1929

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist9@tulsacouncil.org



In districts 5, 6, & 7, who are running in those runoffs?

District 5 Cass Fahler https://www.cassforcouncil.com/?fbclid=IwAR2V9yRiqSOM8I_dRnXU7KmW1_CMPtlzswHJhmrDDZmfSPafC8eQNvEio5E


Phone: 918-596-1925

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist5@tulsacouncil.org




We owe gratitude and respect to our city’s first responders. They risk their safety every day to confront danger and protect our community. I’ll always support our city’s finest



We are approaching the next great wave of economic growth in Tulsa. We must do everything we can to encourage further development, and I’ll be a champion for business.



Tulsa’s City Council should always be elevating the influence of Tulsans. I’ll make it a top priority to streamline processes that increase transparency and our overall reach.


Mykey Arthrell https://www.arthrellfordistrict5.city/


Phone: (918) 508-3816


Email: mykey@arthrellfordistrict5.city




The City of Tulsa needs to step up where the state fell short and find a way to help fund public education. In a state that is known for charitable giving, schools often get left out.


Mental Health

Our city has a great housing system for the mentally ill, but the country jail remains the largest mental health facility in the state. We need to stop using the judicial system to solve homelessness.


Police Reform

We need to serve all of Tulsa and that means doing a better job protecting our citizens. The Tulsa police force needs reform. We have community partners who serve with TPD and can have an expanded role in responding to citizen reports and non-violent calls.



The LGBTQIA and BIPOC communities in Tulsa deserve to be heard and for reasonable changes to be made so that they are protected and included in the growth of Tulsa. We stand in solidarity with the LGBTQIA and BIPOC members of our community.


District 6 Connie Dodson http://www.tulsacouncil.org/councilors/district-6/



Phone: 918-596-1926

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist6@tulsacouncil.org



Neighborhood and Community

I usually hold a town hall meeting each month to encourage community engagement and input while also providing helpful information pertaining to the city and the district. Once a quarter those meetings are on Saturday and are usually department head meetings. This allows the community to engage with department heads in a panel discussion forum, where they can ask a wide range of questions, and the city staff is there to provide answers.


The monthly town hall meeting is usually held on the first Tuesday of every month. It often has a scheduled speaker and provides a wealth of information on topics such as neighborhood watch programs, crime prevention, code enforcement, trash & sewer, animal welfare, and CPR .


If your having a community meeting or neighborhood event, reach out to me. I enjoy participating in these, especially in the district, such as the Fall Festival at Christview Christian Church, Hmong New Year, Cinco De Mayo, and countless neighborhood events and meetings.


I have also held a Back to School Bash, Community Service Fair, area Food Drives, and other events. During some of these events, I have distributed school supplies, fed 100’s of people, had fun activities including inflatables and water canon. I also invited community participation. Participants included area churches, Community Health Connections, Wellspring Family Clinic, Tulsa Fire Department, Tulsa Police Department, EMSA, Crime Stoppers, Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, Tulsa Animal Welfare, Tulsa Transit, Tulsa Parks, Mental Health Association, Aim High, Volunteers of America, and many others. They provided vaccinations, safety, program and agency information, and outreach. Look for other events as I continue to serve District 6.


I advocate for neighborhoods across the district and work to address specific resident issues and concerns, such as code enforcement, traffic and safety, trash and graffiti, and many more.


I work with homeowner associations and residents to address concerns regarding zoning and development issues. I facilitate meetings between neighborhoods and developers to address concerns and, when possible, reach compromises. I have also stood with neighborhoods to protect them from harmful development.



Targeted Development

Realizing that appropriate commercial, retail and residential development is important, I have worked to bring all of them into District 6, and will continue to look for development that enhances our part of the city while protecting it from inappropriate development.  I have attended regular meetings with members of the Home Builders Association and continue to meet commercial, retail, and residential developers to discuss projects.



One of those major projects was the proposed Horizon Outlet Mall. I focused on removing the roadblocks and getting this project on a solid track. It took a lot of work to bring it through the TIF process, but that was accomplished and the council approved it in December 2015. It was heartbreaking when they informed the city they were unable to secure enough premium tenants to move forward.



However, it is still a prime location and still a priority for me. That’s why I continue to work with the property owner and meet with developers for this site. Additionally, I have worked with developers for new homes and apartments, for repurposing struggling retail areas, for new hotels, and for additional development. I have worked hard to promote our district and I’m beginning to see some real interest in District 6.



I will continue to focus on bringing commercial, retail, and other appropriate development to District 6. Tulsa can not continue to bleed revenue to the neighboring communities. It is my goal to give our district the retail corridor it desperately needs, and I have a plan.








Christian Bengel https://www.bengelfortulsa.com/


Phone: (918) 638-9855


Email: christianbengelforcouncil@gmail.com


Smarter Spending

Prioritize emergency services for a safer community. Cut wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars. Invest in new infrastructure, roads, and bridges.


Servant Leadership

Recruit new companies to create better-paying jobs. Put people first over sailfish political agendas. Protect our Constitutional values and freedoms.


District 7 Lori Decter Wright http://www.tulsacouncil.org/councilors/district-7/




Phone: 918-596-1927

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist7@tulsacouncil.org




Public Safety

During my first term, I focused my efforts on reducing crime, increasing the workforce in our police and fire departments, supporting evidence-based community policing strategies, and addressing the needs of our neighbors experiencing homelessness. I’ve built relationships with our first-responders and held several Town Hall meetings focused on reducing homelessness, panhandling, and crimes of opportunity. I brought A Better Way to the District and am working to bring more needed social services to Southeast Tulsa.


In partnership with Crimestoppers of Tulsa, we are empowering homeowner’s associations, apartment complexes, and businesses to organize and reduce crime in their area by activating an Alert Neighbors Program. This year we are launching an E. 71st Street Retail Corridor Business Coalition in an effort to bring businesses in our district together to better coordinate their strategies for creating a more dynamic, safe, and welcoming commercial district. We want to help businesses recover during the pandemic and improve the experience for patrons, attract new customers and businesses, eliminate panhandling, and address the needs of folks experiencing homelessness in our part of the City.



Strong schools are the cornerstone of a thriving community. The excellent educational opportunities available in District 7 attract people from across the region to live here. Our district is home to students attending Union, Jenks, and Tulsa Public Schools with Union Public School District at the very center of District 7. Tulsa Community College Southeast Campus is anchored in the district as are a myriad of private, parochial, and vo-tech educational institutions.


While public school funding is contingent on the elected leaders in our state legislature, the City can do its part to ensure that our students and their families have the best opportunities available. Improving public transportation and creating walkable neighborhoods, ensuring families have access to affordable housing, and fostering public-private partnerships to benefit students, teachers, and the community, are just some of the many city-level programs and policies we are implementing to enhance the schools in our neighborhoods and across the city. Losing educators, students and their families to neighboring suburbs or states destabilize our community and our economy.


The City Council and the Mayor are exploring all the ways in which Tulsa can retain the best educators. In response to the increased need for schools to be able to deliver education to our students online, the City Council has approved funding to assist with providing internet access to teachers and students. We are also exploring options for offering a variety of in-person and virtual educational experiences through our city’s community centers, parks, and libraries. Providing after school and summer activities for youth as well as life-long learning opportunities for adults is an essential way the City can offer residents a well-rounded, meaningful education and life skills. Neighbors of all ages can be organized to help clean up neighborhoods, mow lawns, and become better-engaged citizens.



Justin Van Kirk https://ballotpedia.org/Justin_Van_Kirk




Phone: (918) 850-8827


Email: justine@vankirkfortulsa.com



Justin Pledges:

1- End politics as usual and be a champion for common-sense governance

2- Strengthen families and small businesses of District 7

3- Improve community relations with police and emergency management services

4- Protect and defend our constitutional rights, freedoms, and individual liberties


Find graphics of all 9 districts here: https://tulsaworld.com/news/local/government-and-politics/new-council-district-map-okd/article_f29889ce-f712-593f-8f68-e2a82c6fb38b.html