COVID-19 Community Resources and Updates

Mar 20, 2020

CAIR Oklahoma is working to keep our community up-to-date on resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic for Oklahomans. If there are any resources available that we should feature, please email us at

Grants & Financial Assistance

LaunchGood Emergency Response Campaign

100% of fundraising proceeds from this campaign will be used to support struggling low-income families who are impacted by this crisis. Though this is a Muslim-led campaign, we welcome friends of all faiths to contribute (all donations are tax-deductible).

LaunchGood Campaign

Penny Appeal USA

Penny Appeal USA is an independent non-governmental 501 (c) (3) organization. We are inviting those economically affected by COVID-19 to apply for our COVID19 Financial Hardship Grant. Successful applicants will be awarded a grant for use towards food, bills and any uncovered living expenses as a result of quarantine and/or work and school closures.

Penny Appeal Grant Application

Latest News

OG&E Suspending Non-payment Disconnects

OG&E Suspending Non-payment Disconnects

klahoma Gas and electric, OG&E, has announced they will be suspending all non-payment customer disconnects for the next 30 days. The decision means the company will not shut off power for customers who cannot pay their bills. OG&E said in a tweet they made the...

Local Resources

Surayya Anne Foundation OKC

Surayya Anne Foundation OKC has been keeping an eye on the current Covid-19 situation. Given the population we service and our desire to adhere to the needs and the health directions we are altering our services as follows:

  • Diapers – Tuesday and Thursday only 11 to 2pm – do not bring your child- we will take your application outside to avoid closed and close contact while still providing services.
  • Utility/Eviction Applications – on hold until the first Tuesday and Wednesday of April as we are out of funds for March. (This is a result of increase of need and not a result of the covid-19)
  • Referral Services – request for referrals to Oklahoma State Services will be handled via phone. Our phone hours will be extended until 3:30 (instead of 2pm)
  • Food Bank – Client Choice has been suspended until further notice. Prepared bags will be handed out at the door Thursday and Sundays only from 12pm to 2pm as supplies last on a first come first serve based. Your address is eligible for food every 2 weeks
  • Street Meal – suspended until further notice.

More than ever we are dedicated to serving those around us, especially in this difficult time. We are asking our volunteers to be patient as we reduce the numbers in an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy.

We will keep you updated on when we plan to return to our usual process.

Surayya Anne OKC operates out of the Mercy Mission Building located at 3840 N. St Clair, Oklahoma City, OK 73112.

Islamic Society of Tulsa

Those in the community who have lost their jobs, have fewer hours at job due to partial shutdowns, and are unable to pay bills can request temporary assistance from the Islamic Society of Tulsa (IST).
If you are in that unfortunate situation, kindly Email the Operating Council at with your request. You must add your phone number where we can contact you for any questions and delivery arrangements.
All requests will be private for the use of the Operating Council.

Surayya Anne Foundation Tulsa

The Surayya Anne Foundation Needs Longer-Term Emergency Financial Support for Low Income Oklahoman’s! There is no bigger economic and medical crisis than what our nation is currently facing.  With the recent changes in social distancing rules, quarantine measures and business closings, many Oklahoman’s have lost their jobs and income.  

Since 2008, The Surayya Anne Foundation has been working to assist Tulsa Families and individuals in crisis achieve sustainable independence.  

Our Mission has not stopped: We are asking the Oklahoma community to step up and help us meet the needs of not only our current clients, but also Tulsa area residents who are facing an additional economic hardships due to COVID-19.   By donating to our online campaign you will help Surayya Anne continue our vision to eliminate homelessness and poverty, while also empowering families and individuals to achieve and maintain the independence and stability.

We are also coordinating with local resources such as the Islamic Society of Tulsa food bank and Khan Ohana Foundation.

Visit for more info.

Mercy Food Pantry OKC

The following information pertains to ongoing services provided by Mercy Food Pantry in OKC during the COVID-19 crisis: We are asking that you continue to follow the food bank rules. Procedures, policies, and consequences are still in place. We should continue to be kind and helpful to each other. We are all in this together.
  • You are welcome to visit the pantry every 2 weeks – unless there is a free day or other wise told.
  • We do not hold spots – please take the first box offered to you, we would like to keep people moving.
  • We are not allowing anyone in the building at this time. We want to keep with the policy of social distancing for all concerns.
  • You must be present to get your food (especially during this time we are only able to serve those in site)
  • We are not able to serve children (under the age of 18 without an adult unless previously approved for individually based reasons by Manager or Director only)
  • During the time of Covid-19 actions we will not have client choice. All boxes or bags may or may not be the same and WILL NOT be traded for a different box.
  • All items are first come first serve and are donated. Due to the non gathering policy we will begin serving boxes as soon as we are set up (as early at 11:15) and will end at 2pm or as soon as all supplies are gone.
Service days are Thursday and Sunday, 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM.
We are located at: 3840 N St Clair Ave, OKC, OK 73112
We are unable to answer phone calls or respond to post during service times.

Statewide Resources

Spiritual Reminders

Imad Enchassi

Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City

What in God’s Name: Part One, The Merciful

What in God’s Name: Part Two, 100%

What in God’s Name: Part Three, The 1%

Imam Herbet

Islamic Society of Tulsa

Follow the Islamic Society of Tulsa for more updates from Imam Herbert and the Tulsa Muslim community.

More Information

Social Media Resources

Oklahoma Mutual Aid: Facebook Group

This is a page started by concerned community members, with the aim of providing a space for people to name needs they have in the face of COVID-19 and for folks to gather together in community to offer direct services, financial support, and policy solutions.

More Information