Wayne Hughes

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 90

Party Affiliation: Democrat






Wayne Hughes is a proud multi-generational Oklahoman, raised in central Oklahoma City.

He is married to his best friend, Samantha. They keep their lives interesting and busy with their two energetic boys Soren, age 2, and Asher, age 1. Samantha is a Gifted and Talented teacher and Instructional Coach at Western Oaks Elementary School in Bethany.

Wayne attended High School at Putnam City West and spent his summers on his uncle’s farm in Lindsay, OK. Whenever not riding horses, hunting, or fishing Wayne worked with his uncle at his small sandblasting & painting business building partnerships, delivering promises, and providing the excellent customer service a small business needs to thrive.

He later earned his degree in Political Science, specializing in Public Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma. While attending college he managed a fast food pizza franchise in Edmond furthering his business and management experience at a successful and profitable franchise.

He is dedicated to helping the families of District 90 be heard and for their concerns to be taken into consideration. He will stand up for what is right for our community now and looking into the future. Wayne is also a strong advocate for Oklahoma schools and teachers. He has personally seen the struggles that our Oklahoma education system is dealing with while helping his wife.

Wayne is currently employed at Robyn Promotions & Printing where he has many years experience in digital and promotional product marketing working with local businesses. While not working or spending time with his family Wayne is an enthusiastic supporter of the OKC Energy and OKC Thunder.