Trey Caldwell

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 63

Party Affiliation: Republican







Southwest Oklahoma Roots

Fifth-generation Comanche County native Hurchel “Trey” Caldwell has announced his re-election campaign.

“I grew up east of Lawton in a multi-generation farm and ranch family. After graduating from MacArthur High School, I played football at Southern Nazarene University for 3 years before graduating with a business degree from Cameron University,” Caldwell said.

“While I had opportunities outside the state, there was nowhere else I wanted to live, work and raise a family than right here in Southwest Oklahoma. I currently work as an Insurance Agent and Financial adviser for Oklahoma Farm Bureau and Farm Bureau Financial.”

“As state representative, I have had the opportunity to work and make sure our area is a place where future generations can put down roots and thrive, and not feel compelled to move away like so many of my peers in my generation.” Caldwell said.

An Effective Leader

A Lawton Republican, Caldwell has brought new energy, fresh ideas, ardent support for education and strong rural values to the Capitol.

In the House of Representatives, Trey currently serves as the Deputy Majority Leader. He also serves as the Chair of the State and Federal Redistricting Southwest Oklahoma Subcommittee and the Vice Chair of the Business and Commerce Committee. He is also a member of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, A&B Natural Resources and Regulatory Services Committee, Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the State and Federal Redistricting Committee. In his last two terms, Trey has already established himself as a strong voice for rural Oklahoma.

Strong Values

Caldwell learned the value of hard work at an early age. He dad worked at the Goodyear tire factory, and his mom taught at Almor West and Fletcher Elementary. Caldwell says that while some people today think that traditional values like faith, family and freedom are old fashioned and outdated, he believes “those values are timeless and needed now more than ever.” He has brought those strong values to the Oklahoma Capitol.