Tom Woods

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 4

Party Affiliation: Republican





Tom’s family has deep roots in this community. He grew up on a dairy farm and was taught the value of hard work from a very young age. In fact, after Tom graduated high school, he stayed right here in the district and kept growing his dairy business. His Grandparents are both retired educators, and his father worked in a factory while his mother stayed at home to work on the farm and raise his six brothers and sisters.

Woods began his business when he was very young. He was given one dairy cow at the age of 12 years old in exchange for milking cows on his parent’s Dairy. By the time he was 18 he had grown his herd to 30 dairy cows. Now he operates a Feed Store, Trucking Company, and has a commercial cow/calf operation, running 200 momma cows. Through hard work and commitment, Woods believes we must build up future generations to be active contributors and producers in society, not just consumers.