Taylor Woodrum

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 70

Party Affiliation: Republican






(918) 986-6390




My name is Taylor Woodrum, I am a 20 year old Political Science major at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa. I was born and raised in Tulsa and I love this city. I got into politics around 2008 at the age of nine. I recall my dad explaining how elections worked as the results came in online. This sparked my interest in elections and government as a whole.

Later, when I attended The University of Oklahoma my love for liberty had a kick start moment. I was on my way to class wearing a Donald Trump USA hat when a kid came up to me and pushed me off my bike while taking and throwing my hat into the street. I confronted him and he told me that I had no right to wear a Trump hat because it was wrong. When I asked if he knew what the first amendment was he blew it off and said that we needed to be more like Australia and not have freedom of speech. It was at this moment that I realized what I wanted to do.

This interaction made me realize that I want to protect and restore liberty in our state. So, when I transferred to the University of Tulsa I started a club called Young Americans for Liberty. I created it so that liberty minded people who wanted to protect the Constitution and fight for government responsibility would have a nonpartisan club to be a part of. Now I am the Oklahoma Recruitment Director for Young Americans for Liberty and I am running for state house. Personally I am a young new age conservative looking to bring valued conservatives ideas to district 70 and Oklahoma as a whole. Please visit my on the issues page to get a clear view of my personal beliefs. I hope to earn your vote.

Platform Issues

Second Amendment

When it comes to the second amendment, my views are clear cut. I am a strong supporter of the second amendment. I believe that every person has the right to own and obtain a firearm whether that be a rifle for hunting, a pistol to carry, or a shotgun for home defense. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED TAYLOR WOODRUM HAS BEEN RATED AN A BY THE OKLAHOMA 2ND AMENDMENT ASSOCIATION. "

Economic Policies

As a conservative I believe that the free markets and individual freedom are the key to a booming economy. The best way for we the people to have and maintain a good life, we must be in control of our lives and money, not the government. For this reason when I am elected I will work endlessly to hold our state government accountable for its spending and work to decrease our spending in necessary categories.


I believe that we as a nation have fallen behind on our youths' education. We need to be a state that sets the bar for education. Our students currently do not have what they need to compete on the national level academically, likely due to substandard school supplies such as outdated textbooks, or broken desks. Simply put, our children determine the future of this great state and deserve so much better.

Criminal Justice Reform

Oklahoma prisons are overpopulated, often consisting of people with non-violent crimes. Although some non-violent criminals deserve to be in prison, far too many are sentenced for the possession of marijuana, meth, and other drugs. Instead of harmfully sentencing them, we must guide them with the assistance to become productive citizens again. While we need to help those currently in prison, we also need to stop imprisoning citizens for unjust reasons.