T.J. Marti

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 75

Party Affiliation: Republican






(405) 557-7356






This candidate does not have a Democratic opponent and will therefore serve as the next Representative for this district.

Hi there! My name is T.J. Marti and I am seeking the seat for Oklahoma House of Representatives District 75. I am a pharmacist, owner of CareFirst Pharmacy and running for office for the first time. My mission in life is to take care of others. We run our business like we run our household, with love and respect. Our employees are like family. I grew up in western Oklahoma and moved to the Tulsa area in 2009. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in 2006, I worked for both a chain pharmacy and an independent pharmacy. In 2011, I realized a long-held dream to start my own business and opened CareFirst Pharmacy in Broken Arrow. It wasn’t ever easy, but through good friends and family, we found success. In 2016, I opened our second CareFirst in Tulsa and purchased the three Apothecary Shoppe pharmacies. I’m excited about a new venture, Sunshine Care Partners, a chronic care and transition care management company that focuses on cost-saving preventative care.

This company looks after the chronically ill and people transitioning from nursing home beds, rehabilitation facilities, and other care facilities to home. My wife, Tiffany, and I have three children: Jagger (7), Jett (2) and Layla (11 months). My family and I attend Life Church. When I am not working or spending time with family, I enjoy golfing and playing basketball. I am passionate about running a successful business and raising children who serve their neighbors instead of themselves. Frankly, that’s what’s wrong with our state. Instead of doing what’s best for the people, politicians are self-serving. I will be a clear and strong voice for the constituents of District 75 and I – T.J. Marti – vow to put a stop to political glad-handing. It’s abundantly clear that we need money for education – specifically our hardworking teachers, for veterans, mental health and those with special needs. Every Oklahoma child deserves the opportunity to reach their true potential. We can find that money by cutting out the waste and respecting taxpayer dollars. I consider myself conservative, pro-life and believe firmly in the Second Amendment. My vote is not for sale!

Platform Issues

Advocate for the People

Enough is enough. The time for partisan games is over, our state is in need of real change. T.J's vote is not for sale! He will vote for us, his constituents.

Invest in Our Children

Oklahoma should afford every child the opportunity to reach their true potential. T.J pledges to increase our spending per student until we are in line with the top states in America by allocating tax dollars efficiently. He believes in investing in education will help to reduce state expenses related to criminal justice and healthcare.

Cut The Waste

T.J is very aware of the underfunding of the Oklahoma educational systems, veteran assistance programs, mental health awareness/ assistance programs, and special needs programs. He supports finding provisions dedicated to these programs by cutting out the waste.

Conservative Principals

T.J holds fast to his conservative values. He is a strong supporter of the Pro-Life movement, and believe firmly in the Second Amendment.