Suzanne Schreiber

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 70

Party Affiliation: Democrat








After attending law school in Tulsa, Suzanne began her legal career practicing civil defense and clerking for two federal judges. She married a Tulsa native and together they are raising four children–all products of Tulsa Public Schools. She’s spent the last 10 years working in the non-profit sector to help create opportunities for the Tulsa community while also serving for the last eight years on the Tulsa School Board. Now she’s stepping up to run to represent Tulsa in House District 70 in the State House of Representatives because she wants to take the next step in making Oklahoma the place where all of our kids want to live and work.

Survey Issues

What is the role of government in protecting public health and welfare?

If you are speaking about public health and welfare in general, government has to be the enforcing agent of the many policies of this country. We are a nation of many different people and faiths but we are all Americans. It would be the government’s obligation to see that all are respected and tolerated. Taking faith for example, I am a Christian and I hold to my beliefs very strongly but I can exist with those that are of different views and religions. It is not for me to try and force someone to believe like I do, nor did Jesus do that. He simply stated the truth and let each person make their own decisions. It comes down to respecting one another. I generally eat about three times a week at a local café which is owned by a man of the Muslim faith. I respect him for the person he is and he respects me for the person I am and that is how it should be.

What are your views on individuals being able to safely and securely access sensitive medical procedures in privacy and without interference from the state?

Individuals should be able to make decisions about their healthcare with their healthcare provider without the interference of the State.

What measures will you take to ensure that every Oklahoman has the chance to participate meaningfully in the democratic process?

OK needs to remove the notary procedure for absentee ballots and fund vote by mail.

How can we make voting more accessible to Oklahomans?

OK needs to remove the notary proecuedure for absentee ballots and fund vote by mail.

Many Oklahomans experience discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and other factors; how would you address these problems as an elected leader?

Work to to reform discriminatory policies and ensure new policy-making includes many perspectives and is inclusive as implemented.

What measures will you take to ensure that First Amendment rights to freedom of religion, speech, protest, and press are protected from infringement?

The First Amendment is fundamental to our democracy and must be protected.  As a policy maker I would hold this principle at that center of my work and evaluate my support for state laws against whether they limits the fundament right to free speech.

How can our current criminal legal system be reformed to better protect the rights of all persons involved?

Distribute funding proportionally to both the public defenders and the district attorneys, reform bail laws, strengthen pretrial procedures  and reduce fines and fees.

What steps would you take to adjust or reform our criminal legal system?

Beyond the above, meaningfully invest in public education to create excitement among student’s about their future and a pathway to sustainability and continue to push for the study of the Oklahoma criminal code to bring our sentences in line with national averages versus the longer sentences exist currently.