Steve Bashore

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 7

Party Affiliation: Republican





A fighter for conservative values, Steve Bashore is a steadfast supporter of President Trump, our military and the Second Amendment. He is 100% pro-life. Steve is married to Kristi. The couple share four children. As the former general manager of one of Northeast Oklahoma’s largest employers, Steve Bashore knows how to bridge divides and solve problems. It’s what he’s been doing his entire career. When the Oklahoma Boxing Commission was in shambles, Steve stepped in as administrator and made it right.

Now a nationally-recognized expert in sports management, Steve holds both an MBA and a Masters of Science in Sport Administration. During his time at Buffalo Run Casino, Steve managed hundreds of employees and oversaw numerous high-profile sporting events and concerts with an economic impact in the tens of millions. He also lead employee efforts to give back to the community, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations and countless hours of volunteer service.