Stan Stevens

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 79

Party Affiliation: Republican







Stan Stevens was born and raised in the oil town of Bartlesville, OK. His Father, Herb, like many of the other Dads worked at Phillips Petroleum, which was based in Bartlesville at the time. Stan spent his summers home from college at Pittsburg State University, in Pittsburg Kansas, working on oil rigs in the area that we now know as “The Tallgrass Prairie” preserve. At Pitt State, Stan attended the business school and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a major in Finance and a minor in Psychology. He was a proud member of the Sigma Chi fraternity and the Finance Club. In 1984, Stan accepted the Chief Deputy position at the Washington County Treasurer’s office. In 1986, Stan would become Treasurer at only 28. During his 20 year plus tenure in the Treasurer’s office, Stan accomplished much. Stan played an instrumental role in the implementation of the first IT system. It brought the county out of a 1960’s labor intensive system, into a new efficient and streamlined process. This innovation revolutionized the administrative functions of the county creating significant increases in productivity, efficiency and time savings through the county offices. During his time in office, Stan served on many boards and was appointed by his peers to various leadership positions. Among those are: Chairman, Washington County GOP party for 2 terms Sponsor of the Young Republicans Treasurer, State of Oklahoma Republican Party President, Oklahoma County Treasurer’s Association Board of the County Officers & Deputies Association of OK, first 2-term President in State history Center for Local Government Technology at Oklahoma State University Advisory Board President, PSU Alumni Bartlesville Chapter Arvest Bank Advisory Board Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce Board President, Big Brothers Big Sisters President, The Lions Club Awarded Outstanding Pittsburg State Alumni in 2001 #1 Papa of the World

Stan has 3 amazing kids with his late wife, Jeanna; Jordan, Grant and Stephanie. He and Jeanna were married for over 30 years. Jeanna helped Stan every step of the way through his 5 campaigns as Treasurer. She was instrumental in supporting him through college and getting him focused. Jeanna didn’t know a stranger, she was the perfect compliment to Stan’s introverted personality. She was taken from everyone who loved her in a car wreck in 2010. Her passing left a tremendous void in those who knew and loved her.

For the past 12 years, Stan has been working and living in Tulsa. After leaving the Treasurer’s office, Stan obtained his Real Estate license and partnered up with area Real Estate Mogul, Darryl Baskin. They’ve been partner’s ever since and currently work with eXp Realty.

In March of 2016, Stan would marry again. Jenifer brought with her 2 kids, Bailey and Tyler. The blending of the families has blessed them in ways they could’ve never imagined. The most significant of those blessings, 9 fantabulous grandkids. Jenifer was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2003. It comes with a great many day-to-day challenges, but Stan has made it his mission to take care of her. MS can be exacerbated by outside forces, such as stress or illness. Stan has worked tirelessly to make sure Jenifer is taken care of, comfortable and has anything she needs to take care of her health and well-being. Stan says “Jenifer is the light of our life. She holds us all together through good and bad, not to mention my biggest cheerleader. She’s the driving force behind me and my success at this point in life. Together we have built an amazing life centered on God, Country and our family, who are the source of our greatest joy.” “Stan’s Plan” includes Mental Health, Medical Marijuana, Education, Economic Growth, State’s Rights, Fiscal Responsibility, and Energy.