Sam Grimaldo

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 46

Party Affiliation: Democrat



(405) 205-6564




Sam Grimaldo is running for Senate District 46. Grimaldo believes that we must attract and retain top-tier educators with salaries that compete and keep public dollars in public schools. He also wants to eliminate partisanship from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction position, and empower voters by establishing an elected Board of Education.  

He believes that we must pass an Oklahoma Tenants’ Bill of Rights that strikes a fair balance of responsibilities between tenant and landlord. Grimaldo wants to ensure rent protections for people who have lower incomes and fix our lopsided eviction process. He believes that we should address the houselessness crisis with direct housing and self-care support, mental health services, and a multi-stage rehabilitation program. As for the criminal justice system, Grimaldo will advocate for sentencing reforms to reduce mass incarceration, work to eliminate cash bail, which disproportionately impacts low-income communities, and clean up statutory language to better serve all Oklahomans involved in the legal system.

He will also fight to strengthen Vote By Mail and extend the Early Voting window and start a multilingual Voter Guidebook program with neutral-language information on each candidate and state question, mailed to each voter in the state. Grimaldo also wants to make Election Day a state holiday with guaranteed workplace leave, partner with and mobilize community outreach programs to encourage voter turnout, and increase outreach initiatives to under-engaged communities. He also wants to expand driver’s license eligibility.

Grimaldo will also advocate for increased funding for mental health services, including evidence-based, compassionate substance use recovery programs. He wants to build community partnerships with organizations specializing in mental health and substance use care. Grimaldo will also fight for reproductive rights in a post-Roe America and defend health care for all and work to ensure everyone has access to affordable health care. He also wants to eradicate hate-based legislation wherever it exists and fight for legislation that supports and affirms 2SLGBTQ+ communities.