Rob Standridge

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 15

Party Affiliation: Republican



(405) 521-5535



In 2012, Rob Standridge was elected to the Oklahoma Senate to represent District 15. For the current 56th Legislative session, Senator Standridge serves as the Majority Whip and Chairman of the Transportation Committee. He is also a member of the Health and Human Services and Energy Committees. Senator Standridge earned his BS in Pharmacy from the University of Oklahoma in 1993. In 1995, he and his wife Lisa, who is also a pharmacist, purchased their first pharmacy in Blanchard, OK. He now owns two pharmacies. Legend Care is a specialty pharmacy for disabled patients. A few years later, he created a software program called ‘Compound Assist’, the first of its kind in Windows software to manage compounding pharmacies.

Over the next decade he developed numerous software products, including a complete pharmacy management system containing over a million lines of code. After 9/11 his software company, RS Software, configured every computer used to train TSA trainers, and over the last decade he has founded several international companies, including a health technology company and Health Engineering Systems (HES), located in Norman. Senator Standridge brings vast business knowledge to the Senate. He is an ACA Fellow and a member of numerous pharmacy organizations as well as the founder of ‘Business Leaders for Oklahoma’. In addition, he belongs to several aviation organizations, several business leader organizations, is a Rotarian and a Sooner Centurion.

While business and politics are extremely important to Standridge, his faith and family remain first on his priority list. He is an active member of Crosspointe Church where he serves on multiple committees and has volunteered in the youth ministry. After many years believing they were not meant to have children,