Richard Miller

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 49

Party Affiliation: Republican







As a retired Judge and former prosecutor who has served and protected our community for many years, Richard Miller has seen first hand well-intentioned legislation that was not written properly and failed to protect citizens or follow our Constitution. There are currently ZERO lawmakers with judicial experience serving in the entire state legislature. The Left’s attacks are escalating on our Constitutional freedoms, second amendment rights, and attempting to dictate everything from local education to determining types of cars we should drive, to hindering economic development while advancing priorities that are contrary to our Oklahoma values. We simply cannot afford to let this continue. Biden’s unconstitutional mandates must be fought at our state capitol by lawmakers who understand the Constitution and the powers our state possesses to tell Washington, DC that enough is enough! Richard Miller has the experience, the wisdom, and the expertise to lead rural Oklahoma’s fight for freedom and economic opportunity. Richard and his wife Terri, a longtime public school teacher are driven by an enduring commitment built over a lifetime of serving our neighbors and championing our local small towns, have a demonstrated record of working to preserve our way of life, while ensuring that more doors open to success for all who love to call our region ‘home’.