Regan Raff

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 39

Party Affiliation: Democrat




Regan Raff is a small business owner, accounting professional, wife, mother, and community advocate. As a lifelong Oklahoman and graduate of Edmond Public Schools, Regan is running for state representative to give back to the community that raised her.

Regan has spent her professional career working in accounting and real estate. She has experience in oil and gas accounting and now runs her own bookkeeping business, working with home builders and other small businesses. Additionally, Regan and Michael have built a real estate portfolio over 20 years, and currently own residential and commercial properties in Edmond, Oklahoma City, Stillwater and Minnesota.

Regan resides in Edmond with her husband and three children. She is a member of St. Luke’s Methodist Church and a proud citizen of Chickasaw Nation. Regan is a former board member of Junior League of Oklahoma City, served as a Project Manager of community outreach to KIPP College Preparatory School, and was a co-chair of Gathering of Angels, an annual fundraising luncheon of Pi Beta Phi OKC Alumnae Chapter that serves to promote literacy initiatives in the OKC Metro Area.


Regan is running for state representative because she believes that Oklahomans deserve a representative that is willing to work with everyone to move our state forward. She will bring her wealth of experience in oil and gas, business, and real estate to the State Capitol to find common-sense solutions to the challenges that Oklahoma faces.


  • First Class Education: As a product of Edmond Public Schools and the mother of three kids in our public schools, Regan knows that public education is the backbone of our community. She knows that we need to continue to invest in our public schools by committing more resources to the classroom and ensuring our teachers are paid competitive salaries in comparison to neighboring states. Regan believes that parents deserve choices when it comes to their kids’ education but also knows that public taxpayer dollars should stay in public schools.
  • Access to Healthcare: Regan believes that Oklahomans deserve access to first-class healthcare here in Oklahoma. Regan knows that many families have to go out of state to get the healthcare they need and that not everyone can afford to travel for their healthcare needs. That is why she is committed to finding innovative solutions to provide access to affordable healthcare for all Oklahomans. Regan also believes that health care decisions should be left to families and their doctors, not politicians or government bureaucrats.
  • Quality Jobs for All Oklahomans: As a small business owner and an accountant who works with small businesses every day, Regan understands the importance of bringing quality jobs to Oklahoma. She knows that the rising cost of living has affected everyone and wants to work with people from across the political spectrum to provide relief and support to Oklahoma families.