Preston Stinson

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 96

Party Affiliation: Republican




(405) 697-4246



This candidate did not have a Democratic opponent and will therefore be the Senator for this district without having to run in the general election.

Preston Stinson grew up in Edmond. A 1990 graduate of Edmond Memorial High School, he graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in finance and later earned an MBA degree from Oklahoma Christian. Now he’s raising his family and operating his business right here at home. Preston Stinson is a conservative who will fight for the U.S. Constitution, help put Oklahoma back to work again, support President Trump and stop the assault on liberty. He believes that government should never ask more from taxpayers when families are cutting back and living on less. Government should also learn to live with less in tough times. Preston is pro-life, supports parental rights, property rights and stands for the Second Amendment.

Platform Issues

Get Oklahoma Back to Work!

Improve the state’s business environment to unleash entrepreneurs Reduce regulatory red-tape for businesses and workers Strengthen our communities with roads and infrastructure Provide access to reliable broadband in rural areas Incentivize work and stop fraud, waste and abuse in the state’s unemployment claims

Defend Liberty

Protect civil liberties and rights like the First and Second Amendment, which are under assault from the left and the media Restore the American Dream

Improve Education

Put parents back in charge of their children’s education Reduce excess administrative costs in public schools Hold non-performing school districts accountable Fight the labor unions, which force union membership on teachers Empower teachers to teach and make more decisions Reduce mandates and burdensome over-testing of students

Cut Government Waste

Consolidate boards and agencies Streamline our state budget with a focus on core services

Put Oklahoma First

Promote local businesses and jobs first, then recruit new companies Reduce our reliance on unfair trade with China Keep our tax dollars here at home Bring back manufacturing

Support Transportation

Strongly support the eight-year transportation plan Improve roads and bridges Encourage long-term planning, which is critical for efficient use of our tax dollars