Penny James

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 21

Party Affiliation: Republican







Penny James grew up in and has lived in Southeastern Oklahoma her entire life. She graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in education. She has been a schoolteacher and counselor throughout her life, all while she and her husband owned and operated a cattle ranch. Penny James will work on the issues that truly matter to our community. She will work to ensure that the police are fully funded and supported. Law enforcement men and women protect us, and we need to protect them.

Penny James is a member of the NRA and she will work towards keeping everyone’s right to protect their family, property, and themselves. As a former teacher and counselor, Oklahoma’s public school system must be a priority, children are very important to her, as they are our future. Our teachers should be allowed to educate in the classroom, and Oklahoma doesn’t need Washington or the liberal media telling parents what our children need to learn. We also need to focus on career tech to bridge the gap in the skills shortage for those seeking careers in our community.

Penny James will make it a priority to support Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers, she will not sit on the sidelines any longer and watch them suffer. She will assist this industry to help people who put food on our table. For too long, politicians have taken these wonderful families for granted. Penny James is committed to protecting the freedoms of all Oklahomans. Penny and her late husband, Sam James, have three children, seven grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. She is active in the community, having volunteered on numerous civic organizations, such as the Lions Club, Toys for Tots, Rural Water District #9 Board, McCurtain County Hospital Authority Board, a member of the Farm Bureau, and many more.