Moira McCabe

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Candidate Details

Party Affiliation: Republican






McCabe was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her career experiences include working as a welder, a computer repair person, and a homeschool parent. She has been affiliated with Oklahoma 2A, Children’s Health Defence, Mom’s Demand 2a, and Okloahomans unified against abortion.

Her platform (as listed on her campaign website):
-Constitutional: Standing against federal outreach, protect the 2nd Amendment and repeal all unconstitutional gun laws.
-Healthcare: Reduce hospital costs by placing a cap on how much hospitals can charge, wants to find a compromise between the mask and vaccine debate (??), and improve mental health care for veterans and non-veterans alike and use existing funds
-Environment: Create a more self-sustaining Oklahoma, help family farms, have a volunteer second line defence in case of disasters, and make sure that soil and water have been tested for heavy metal and contamination.
-Business: “Increase to oil production and build up reserves, and also see about bring the hemp industry to help fill in the gaps from shortages such as building materials.” *This is how it is typed on the website, not due to my grammar
Oklahoma Turnpike Authority: strip OTA of power