Mike Masters

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 71

Party Affiliation: Republican






Mike grew up in a blue-collar household, working at the local grocery store throughout high school to put money in his pocket. Now a public school teacher and licensed real estate agent, Mike works hard to create a brighter future for Oklahoma’s kids and his family.

A 15-year, veteran public school teacher and committed community servant, Mike says he got into teaching to “help kids who are struggling like I did, to find a better way.” Teaching history and government is Michael’s job and passion, and he knows firsthand the importance of good schools in great neighborhoods.

Mike is also on the boards of the Brookside Neighborhood and Business associations, where he works on issues like encouraging drivers to slow down to keep children and pedestrians safe.

Mike is married to Alexandra, a local attorney. Together, the professional couple share four boys, McClain (11), Wyatt, (11), Max (10) and Morgan (3),. It takes both to work, raise a family, and keep the boys attending sporting events and school activities. The Masters attend Brookside Baptist Church.

Platform Issues

Improving Education

Neighborhood Support

Mike works closely within his community, specifically local neighborhoods. As a dedicated community servant, he advocates for safer neighborhoods and increased resources being poured into educational systems in order to help struggling children. He believes every child should have the opportunity to access something better, in the same way, he was able to.