Mike Bockus

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 41

Party Affiliation: Democrat










A native Oklahoman, Mike was born and raised in the small southeastern town of Wilburton. Both of his parents taught at Wilburton Public Schools, and instilled in him their closely held beliefs of the value and importance of public education and personal investment in the community. After graduating from Wilburton High School, Mike sought higher education at the University of Oklahoma. There he quickly became involved in campus life and was an active member of the OU RUF/NEKS as he worked to earn his degree. As a RUF/NEK, Mike was thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to participate in one of his favorite pastimes, cheering on the Oklahoma Sooners. Upon earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, Mike began his career as a software engineer for IBM in Austin, Texas.

While working for IBM he also earned his Master’s Degree in Software engineering from the University of Texas. In 2006, Mike married his longtime best friend, Charlene. Shortly after relocating to Austin, the couple decided to start a family. While living in Austin, working, and going to school, Mike realized the truth to the adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In order to foster close family relationships and establish roots in a community in which their three children could flourish, Mike and Charlene made the decision to return to Oklahoma. Mike and his family have enjoyed living in northwest Oklahoma City since 2011. Mike is fortunate to have a fulfilling career as a software engineer with a local consulting group as well as an adjunct professor at the University of Central Oklahoma. He finds making a positive impact in his community by coaching his childrens’ sports teams, robotics teams and supporting their local schools particularly rewarding pursuits. Mike strives to create within his community a place of belonging, opportunity, safety, and growth.