Michael L. Delaney

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The 2022 Senate race will be a crucial vote for the US. Already marred by the lack of voter turnout in mid-term elections it is critical that we get out the vote like never before. The history of voting in Oklahoma has been a stagnant process of just letting the old guard win without much of an effort to invoke change. Oklahoma is currently represented by a small percentage of individuals who work to improve, protect and vote for progress in this state. The large part of the representation is by a single entity. You do not have two Senators in Washington. You do not have five House members in Washington. You have a single entity for representation. Without any diversity of representation in Washington, Oklahoma is the state of stagnation. Let’s get real this election season. Let’s do whatever it takes to get this state up to speed with the rest of the world. Vote!The status of politicking today:

I have observed prison management. I have observed corporate management. I have observed political representation management. The two most similar to each other are Prison and Political.

The current behavior is not about politics, assuming politics is still about things like taxes, national security, health care, jobs, infrastructure and public lands.

The relation between peoples’ attitudes and preferences and what governments decide is considerably different. At least, in the USA, it is identified and can be examined, unlike many other countries. Political Science institutions are studying this. A part of the comparison of people’s attitudes with the votes of their own representatives shows that an enormous majority of the population are unrepresented and that their own representatives don’t reflect their own preferences. This is of utmost importance and should be addressed in everything we do in government. There is recognition of this in the US, yet it must grow extensively. And a reminder, this is happening in the US. Again a significant indication that this is still a country that still practices democracy as it should.