Mark Vancuren

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 74

Party Affiliation: Republican




(405) 557-7377



This candidate does not have a Democratic opponent and will therefore serve as the next Representative for this district.

Unless Mark Vancuren is coaching a game of basketball, he is a listener, not a big talker. But, the time has come for someone to stand up, and speak up, for Oklahoma and Mark Vancuren is ready for that challenge. He is ready to be a part of the solution that eliminates the problems in Oklahoma state government.

FROM THE BEGINNING Mark moved to Owasso the year he was born. His dad was his Jr. High Principal, his mom was his High School Counselor. This meant that he didn’t get away with much as a teenager. He followed his parents & grandparents example when he went into what he calls the “family business” after graduating from Oklahoma Baptist University. Mark has been a high school Biology teacher and basketball coach his entire 30 year teaching career. Mark met his wife, Sheila, when he was teaching and she was studying to be a teacher at Oklahoma State University. They dated for three years and have been married for 23 years. The Vancurens have three children, Riley, 20, Jaxon, 18, and Avery, 15. Both Mark and Sheila are licensed Realtors with Keller Williams Realty in Owasso.

FAMILY TIME The Vancuren family loves sports and the outdoors. All of the children played volleyball, basketball, baseball or tennis. The whole family loves to ski, go white water rafting, and they’ve even spent some time camping recently. Mark appreciates any time he can leave the technology behind. Mark believes Owasso is a great place to raise a family. “The main thing I like about Owasso is the hometown atmosphere. Owasso still has that small-town feel. This community cares about the success of our kids in everything they do. Our fans travel and support our students and student athletes. We always have the most fans anywhere we play and our community takes pride in that.”

TEAMWORK During his career, Mark has coached golf, track, basketball and baseball. His father was a coach, and his grandfather coached, too. “They taught me the value of competition. I loved attending practices, being on the sidelines, or sitting on the bench to watch my dad create opportunities for success for his teams. I still enjoy the process of constructing a team that works together for the benefit of everyone involved.” With the help of his family, Mark will put together a team with the hopes of reaching the state Capitol. Mark will seek the District 74 seat in the House of Representatives. He looks forward to working on budget issues, building roads, bringing high-paying jobs to Owasso and businesses into the business park, and of course, helping increase teacher pay. Mark Vancuren looks forward to working for you.

Platform Issues


Mark believes in the sanctity of life.

Small Business Restoration

In light of the recent economic hardship accompanied by COVID-19, Mark is all for ensuring small businesses have the resources to recover from the pandemic, while also helping Oklahomans find jobs.


As Vice Chairman of the Common Education Committee, Vancuren made improving education in the state a priority, helping to pass a $158.0 million increase in funding for teachers and classrooms.