Maria Barnes

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 72

Party Affiliation: Democrat



(918) 706-2252



I was born in Tulsa and my family relocated to California while my father was a Navy Officer. I studied at San Diego State Junior College after high school and then later returned to Tulsa to care for my grandparents in 1982.

I met my husband in Tulsa and was married for 33 years before he passed away in 2018. Together we raised 3 wonderful children; Jamie, Maria and Joseph.

I have had many different titles and roles throughout my working career ranging from a teller at Utica bank to retail associate at several different department stores to volunteering at Marquette Catholic School and at my church, Christ the King, to city councilor. I am currently the Community Outreach Director for Crosstown Learning Center as well as a community advocate for my Kendall- Whittier neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.

I proudly served as Tulsa city councilor for District 4 from 2006-2008 and 2009-2011.

I have volunteered for Kendall-Whittier neighborhood association for over 25 years.