Marcus McEntire

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 50

Party Affiliation: Republican




(405) 557-7327



This candidate does not have a Democratic opponent and will therefore serve as the next Representative for this district.

Marcus McEntire is a fourth generation resident of Stephens County.  He attended both Comanche and Duncan Public Schools.  Upon graduation from Duncan High School, he attended and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in communication studies, earned a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master of Arts in Sociology from the University of Virginia.  He received a full fellowship from the University of Virginia and his main areas of concentration were sociology of law, religion and the family.

In 2003 Marcus, his wife, Leigh, and son Ian returned to Duncan – the community they love – to raise their family and expand their young and rapidly-growing business, Their daughter, Ainsley, was born in 2006.

Both Marcus and Leigh’s families are multi-generational Main Street business owners in Duncan. Jiggs and Annette McEntire owned and operated Duncan Wholesale, which most people simply referred to as “Duncan Candy.” Leigh’s family owns Whitten Insurance Agency—the oldest insurance agency in Duncan.

Marcus and Leigh’s small business, is a true success story.  While Marcus was a graduate student and teaching in Virginia, Leigh started the business as a way to make ends meet. Leigh previously worked as a music teacher and there were no music education opportunities for her in Virginia at the time. The business steadily grew from a $400 investment to a multi-million dollar company. The couple now employs 13 full and part-time employees. Distinctive Decor currently occupies a 17,000 square foot space located at the corner of 9th and Main Street in historic downtown Duncan.  Distinctive Decor has been featured in many national publications including: The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Country Living, Fine Cooking, In-Style, Cook’s Illustrated, HGTV, Oklahoma Today and Discover Oklahoma.  Distinctive Decor has received numerous accolades including Top 10 outstanding Oklahoma entrepreneurs, the National Honor Roll of American Entrepreneurs and platinum sales status with multiple product lines sold in their store.

Marcus serves the Duncan community in many ways. He has been the president of the Duncan Rotary Club and regularly volunteers as a television auctioneer for the Rotary Auction, which clothes over 300 children in the Duncan community each year. He has served on the Duncan Regional Hospital Foundation board for over 5 years, currently as the Finance Chair. This foundation helps our non-profit hospital raise funds to buy needed medical equipment and help those in need afford medical care costs.  Marcus has served on the Advisory Committee for the Business Development Services Program at Red River Technology Center for the past 6 years.  Marcus is involved with Duncan Public Schools as well; he has served on the Gifted and Talented Advisory Board and currently serves on the STEM advisory board. The McEntires have attended the First United Methodist Church in Duncan since their return in 2003 after first visiting the church with Marcus’s grandmother.  Over the years, Marcus has served as young adult Sunday school teacher, youth Sunday school teacher, worship leader, liturgist, staff perish relations committee member, finance committee member, church council member, nominations committee member and currently serves as a church trustee.  Marcus serves as a Boy Scout leader for Troop 4434, where his son is currently working toward the Eagle Scout rank.  He is also currently working as a board member to help establish the Christopher Lane Foundation named in memory of the Australian baseball player.

Platform Issues


Our state budget has reached the point of crisis. As a state, we can neither continue to spend more money than we take in nor can we continue to undervalue our state’s resources and income generators. We know during lean financial times, it is necessary to cut back on secondary expenses, re-evaluate all primary expenses to ensure they are necessary and cost appropriate, and find other ways to generate more income through other revenue sources. I will bring a common sense approach to budgeting in the OK State House that you expect. Correcting the budget crisis is going to require a fresh perspective from someone who hasn’t been at the Capitol serving on the budget committee for the past decade.


Over 90% of Oklahoma’s children are educated via the public school system. My kids are part of that 90% and it is important to me that Oklahoma offers a competitive, relevant, and rigorous education to our state’s future workforce. Our children deserve a quality education experience. We must find better ways to retain and attract quality teachers while containing costs and increasing our children’s educational attainment. We cannot afford to be represented by legislators who write and pass bills taking money away from public education during a time when public education is already underfunded and overburdened with unfunded mandates.

Small Business

My wife and I own, a local small business located on Main Street in Duncan. Small business is extremely important to our local economy because small businesses bring economic growth, innovation and taxes to our community. I understand the financial risks small business owners take and I understand how important it is to protect them. I will protect small businesses from increased taxation and regulation. I will support legislation that stimulates, supports, and encourages small business growth and development because successful, small, local businesses strengthen our community.


Recently announced Medicaid provider cuts of up to 25% will put local hospitals, children, the elderly, and nursing homes at significant risk. We must protect our essential medical services, at-risk children, and the elderly by advocating for our fellow citizens who find themselves most affected by this impending cut. As a state, we must also do a better job of stimulating partnerships among service providers to encourage collaboration and strategic planning to offset the potential harm this cut will cause. I want to know your concerns and how you are affected by these kinds of changes so I can take the most effective steps towards remedying the negative consequences.