Linda Morissey

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 35

Party Affiliation: Republican




My commitment to “everyday people” began long ago on my grandmother’s farm near Coweta, Oklahoma. Here I spent long and happy days with my sisters and brother, exploring the woods and creeks and riding horses across the fields to visit neighbors. Mostly, I worked, side-by-side, with my grandmother, hoeing weeds in a huge vegetable garden and picking up pecans in the late fall for my grandmother’s delicious pecan pies. Hard work was a way of life during those childhood years and, at thirteen, I found my first “paying” job in the scorching hot tomato fields of Oklahoma where I picked tomatoes for 50 cents an hour.

I have been applying that hard-earned work ethic ever since, waiting tables to help pay my way as I earned, first an undergraduate degree in teaching, then a graduate degree in counseling from Oklahoma State University, and finally, a law degree from the University of Oklahoma. After working in the private practice of law, I worked for three years helping to write appellate opinions at the Court of Civil Appeals. This experience served me well when I was selected by a distinguished panel of District Judges to serve as a Special Judge in Tulsa County. Since that time, I have gone on to be elected by the people of Tulsa and Pawnee Counties and has acquired invaluable experience having presided over every docket in the courthouse. I am now looking to take my experience and love for Tulsa to the state senate. District 35 deserves government with integrity.