Kyden Creekpaum

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 35

Party Affiliation: Republican





Kyden Creekpaum has a servant’s heart. He listens, and he cares. Kyden is smart, hardworking and extraordinarily qualified for the job.

Kyden is a proud conservative who is pro-life, supports the Second Amendment, believes in limited government and won’t hesitate to stand up for our traditional American values.

Before he became an international anti-corruption attorney, Kyden was better known at home as an acclaimed pianist. He grew up attending Tulsa Baptist Temple, often delighting the congregation with his piano playing. While still in high school, he composed a piano concerto, and performed as a soloist with the ORU Symphony, the Missouri State University Symphony, and the Tulsa Youth Symphony. He would go on to perform in the Bush 43 White House on numerous occasions and serve as pianist-in-residence for the U.S. Ambassador to France.

Kyden Creekpaum grew up in our district. The son of educators, Kyden’s mom, Eileta, taught kindergarten at Council Oak (Lee) Elementary for 36 years. His dad, Eddie, is a retired elementary school principal for Tulsa Public Schools, and a retired Senior Master Sergeant with the Tulsa Air National Guard. Kyden’s grandfather, John Creekpaum, also worked for Tulsa Public Schools, leading a TPS paint crew in the 1940s and 1950s.

Kyden attended Council Oak, and then Edison Middle and High Schools, where he was valedictorian of his class, drum major of the band, and voted the 40th annual Mr. Edison. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout in Tulsa’s historic Troop 1.
A third-generation Tulsan, Kyden was born and raised in our district, shaped by our values and now stands ready to work hard for us.

Kyden earned degrees in piano and political science from the University of Oklahoma, which he attended on a National Merit Scholarship. He earned a law degree from Georgetown University, and a master’s degree in public health from Johns Hopkins, receiving a full fellowship as a Sommer Scholar. Kyden also holds a master’s degree in international business law from Sciences Po in Paris, France, where he later served as an adjunct law professor at the Sorbonne.

Kyden spent almost a decade as an international anti-corruption attorney and bribery investigator before returning home to raise his family.

A devoted husband and father who loves spending time with his family, Kyden Creekpaum is married to LaShawn, a former in-house attorney for an international company, who stays home with their two girls, Zella (5) and Sicily (2). Kyden and his family actively attend Asbury United Methodist Church.

Kyden Creekpaum has worked around the globe as an international lawyer, including with executives of some of the world’s largest companies. As a musician, he has performed for thousands of people, from presidents to princes and governors. As an Oklahoman by birth and by choice, Kyden is proud to raise his family in his hometown. Now Kyden is ready to go to work for you, helping to make smart policies to grow our state, cultivate small businesses, attract new jobs, and help make Oklahoma the kind of state where people want to live, work, play and raise their families.

Platform Issues


As the father of two young girls, Kyden knows how important education is to Tulsa and the future of Oklahoma. While significant progress has been made recently to increase funding for public education and teacher salaries, much remains to be accomplished. Classrooms are still overcrowded and facilities demand repairs.


Kyden spent almost a decade as an international anti-corruption attorney and bribery investigator before returning home to raise his family. He’s uniquely qualified to root out fraud and abuse within state government, ensuring taxpayer dollars are put to best use.


Infrastructure, both physical and digital, is the backbone that supports all economic growth. And yet, our roads and bridges are some of the worst in the country, and far too many Oklahomans don’t have broadband internet access, perhaps the most basic necessity for success in the 21st century economy. We should use all the tools at our disposal, including public/private partnerships and the power of incentives, to modernize our infrastructure and give businesses the tools they need to innovate and thrive. It’s the smart thing to do.


Harnessing the full potential of a growing economy requires smaller, more efficient government with fewer mandates and less red tape. Kyden knows that identifying and ending excessive rules and regulations is key to unleashing innovation and ensuring additional jobs and economic growth.