Kristen Ferate

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 39

Party Affiliation: Republican




Some of Kristen’s childhood memories include watching her stepfather, a Vietnam veteran walk in her hometown veterans day parade. Kristen’s stepfather and grandfather were gravely wounded in combat, giving Kristen an appreciation for the sacrifices of our service members. From an early age, Kristen’s family impressed on her the importance of duty to God, home, and country.

Kristen, determined to give back, began volunteering at a local rest home in fifth grade. When she wasn’t volunteering, Kristen helped her mother, a former teacher of the year, in the classroom.

Kristen went on to row in college, completing her degree at the University of Kansas. She worked her way through college helping with the family business, a franchise of self-service car washes. During school, she met her husband, A.J., at the College Republican National Convention.

Kristen earned two master’s degrees, working as a professional counselor and art therapist. Like many Edmond families, Kristen and A.J. moved to Edmond to provide a better quality of life for their children.


After struggling with the VA over appropriate care for her stepfather, Kristen became increasingly interested in doing what she could to give back to our nation’s heroes and celebrate the history of the country they died fighting for.


  • Strengthening the nuclear family: Kristen is guided by her Christian faith, love of community, and commitment to her family.
  • Preserving our values: Kristen is pro-life and supports the Second Amendment. As a former rower and soccer player, she is committed to protecting women’s sports. Kristen is an ardent supporter of our nation’s veterans.
  • Advancing economic opportunity: Kristen opposes new taxes and fees and will and support an environment where families thrive. She will oppose government overreach and bureaucratic red tape.
  • Improving Education: Kristen supports an education policy that empowers parents and students.
  • Opposing Joe Biden’s Progressive Policies: At the state level, we need leaders who will be a strong voice against the job killing, progressive policies of those trying to remake our country.