Justin Hornback

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My name is Justin Hornback, I am a Pipeline Welder and Member of Pipeliners Local 798 in Tulsa, OK. I had made my career working in the Oil and Gas industry working with industry leaders building infrastructure to deliver the products we all use to fuel our lives. I have worked on and off the right of way to provide for my family. I am no stranger to hard work and long hours, working in the office or in the field to get projects completed. I am running for Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner in 2022 and would love to get to know you.

I began my first job delivering newspapers at the age of 11, and have held part time jobs until graduating High School. Not long after school I began working in construction and traveling from one project to the next. In 2007 I went to Tulsa, OK to get my first dispatch to work on the Rockies EXpress Pipeline in Hastings, NE as a Welders Helper. Three years later I went through the Downhill Welding School offered through the Local, and became a Journeyman Rig Welder. I spent the next 7 years welding on projects from California to Pennsylvania, and places in-between. In 2017 I was appointed as an Organizer within the Local, working with Contractors, Regulators, Politicians, and Members in many capacities including Job Dispatching, Safety Regulations, COVID procedures, Inspection, and Computer Programming. In 2021 I returned back to the field, but with the downturn in Pipeline projects have worked through other United Association Locals welding in Nuclear Facilities and Plants throughout the US.

I am running for Corporation Commissioner in hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the Commission. I believe that transparency and dedication are two characteristics that I plan to bring with me. I believe in listening to everyone and taking the time to understand the issues. I bring Industry Experience and a work ethic that Oklahoma is known for. What the OCC needs is people that aren’t afraid of work, not just another politician.