Jose Cruz

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 89

Party Affiliation: Democrat





José is a proud South Sider who has spent time fighting for overlooked and voiceless families. José believes that the South Side is home to many great, hard-working Oklahomans. José was raised in a working-class family with a sincere desire to get ahead in life and achieve the American dream. His father learned the construction trade, and José spent many summers and weekends working alongside him to help their family. His mother, a homemaker and educator at heart, raised four children. Together, his parents instilled in him the values of hard work, faith, and perseverance.

Working toward a better and brighter future, José went on to become the first college graduate in his family, earning a communications degree from Oklahoma Christian University. After spending a few years working odd jobs, José found a spot for helping others through the legal process and spent a few years working in a law firm. He then went on to graduate from the Oklahoma City University School of Law, where he volunteered in legal clinics and taught Street Law to high school students in South Oklahoma City.

After graduation, José has served as a Community Outreach Specialist for Congresswoman Kendra Horn, working to assist constituents with federal agency needs.

His drive and passion have not been overlooked. José was chosen to be part of Leadership Oklahoma City’s LOYAL Class X and selected as a 30 Under 30 award recipient in 2016. José is also serving his fifth year as a board member for Variety Care.

José wants to ensure that everyone has access to opportunities by rerouting resources to South Oklahoma City.

Platform Issues

Quality, Affordable Health Care

Growing up, José’s family attended a community health center where they received many services and where his mother was encouraged and supported to continue her education. As a board member for Variety Care, José now understands how community health centers work and why they are so important to ensuring that Oklahomans stay healthy. Accessible and affordable health care is key to having successful and happy families.

Protecting Children

Children in Oklahoma face abuse every day. José wants to make sure that state agencies and workers receive the support and training necessary to spot and end abuse. Through his legal work, Jose has seen heart-wrenching and inhumane treatment of children. José will work to put a stop to abuse and the root causes of it.

Great Schools for Everyone

José is a proud graduate of public schools and a believer in public libraries. José spent time with his teachers in after-school tutoring, and José’s mother would take him and his siblings to participate in summer reading programs. Children who have access to quality education in strong schools have a higher quality of life. José wants to invest in our public schools to make sure that South Oklahoma City has the same resources and support that other districts enjoy.

Working Families

Unfortunately, wages are not keeping up with the increases in the costs of living. Raising a family has become more difficult and putting money into a rainy day fund is near impossible. José will protect working families and support better-paying jobs that allow South Oklahoma City residents to put food on the table, raise their children, and get ahead.

Keep Local Businesses Open

Family-owned businesses are the heart of South OKC’s economy. We must make it easier for people to start and stay in business. José supports adult education and incentives to help ensure our local businesses stay in business.

Proud Neighborhoods, Safe Neighborhoods

Proud neighborhoods are safe neighborhoods. José wants to increase neighborhood participation and engagement by fostering a friendly neighbor approach. We share more things in common than things that divide us. Spending time with our neighbors and supporting the Oklahoma City police and fire departments will help to engage and strengthen our neighborhoods.