John Waldron

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 77

Party Affiliation: Democrat




(405) 557-7410



This candidate does not have a Republican opponent and will therefore serve as the next Representative for this district.

I’m John Waldron, a parent, a public school teacher and a proud thirteen-year resident of House District 77. Last year, I was so concerned about the state of our government that I ran for state senate. I lost that race, but I learned two things: that being a candidate for office means listening to the people, and that things aren’t getting any better. This year’s legislature was a bitter disappointment for everyone who wanted our government to deliver on a balanced budget, public services that meet our needs, and responding to the democratic wishes of the people. Experience has shown me that nothing comes without hard work and persistence. So after consulting with my wife of fourteen years, Krista (also a public school teacher), and my eight-year old son, Van, I’ve thrown my hat into the ring again. I’m tired of the same old politics of special interests and budgets that just don’t add up. So thanks for your interest! Together we can restore good government in the name of the people of Oklahoma. I understand that my family’s future is tied up with yours, and with every other member of our community. We all work hard, and we all want our children to have all the opportunities we did, and more. But is our chance for a better future slipping away? I fear we have a new dust bowl looming on the horizon. Cuts to education means we are depriving our children of the opportunities they deserve. Cuts to funds for roads, health care and public safety make our lives more difficult every day. And with a predicted billion dollar deficit coming next year, we can expect more of the same. We are already feeling the effects – our teachers are leaving or retiring, young people are moving away, and we are at the bottom of too many social indicators I have a novel suggestion. What if, instead of more tax cuts for the wealthy, we invested in our children, our public infrastructure and our people? What if we built world class schools and equipped our teachers with the tools for success? What if businesses looked at Tulsa and Oklahoma as an exciting place in which to locate, because we had developed our human capital to the fullest? We can have that brighter future if we remember that we have the power to make a new start. When I look at my students, or my son, I see so much promise in their eyes. Oklahomans have so much potential. Are you tired of the same old formula of negativism that dominates our politics? Then vote for change!

Platform Issues

Balance of State Budget

The state of Oklahoma does not have a good balance when it comes to our state budget and distribution of resources. John is in support of restoring a balance back to our state budget to ensure more benefits are being distributed to all Oklahomans.

Stronger State Leadership

Currently, we have leaders who don't seem quite transparent. John wants to bring a fresh perspective for our state by making sure we have the leaders who use common sense when making state-related decisions.

Decrease of Special-Led Interest Government

It is time to stop letting special-led factions lead our government and ensure we have a government that is truly representative of all Oklahomans.