Joel Kintsel

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Candidate Details

Party Affiliation: Republican




(405) 998-5701



Lieutenant Colonel Joel Kintsel spent the first few years of his life in Quito, Ecuador where his parents worked as missionaries. At the age of 2 his family moved to Oilton Oklahoma, where he spent most of his childhood – only leaving for a 3 year stint as a teenager to continue missions work on the border between Texas and Mexico.

After finishing his undergrad at OSU, and receiving his JD from OU Law, Joel married the love of his life, Nancy, together having 2 children, whom they’ve raised to be proud Oklahomans.

Joel is a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, serving as a judge advocate for the Joint Area Support Group – Central in Baghdad, Iraq in 2008. Joel served in the Oklahoma Army National Guard for 9 years during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars before joining the Oklahoma Air National Guard. Joel is a Lieutenant Colonel and is the Staff Judge Advocate for the 137 Special Operations Wing of the Oklahoma Air National Guard.

In 2005, Joel was also one of the hundreds of Oklahoma National Guard members deployed to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In 2020, with the declaration of an emergency in Oklahoma due to COVID-19, Joel served as the supporting Judge Advocate for the Oklahoma’s National Guard Joint Task Force that mounted the statewide response to COVID-19.

Joel served as the Parliamentarian for the Oklahoma House of Representatives for 12 years, playing a pivotal role in the lawmaking process before serving in his most recent positions as Executive Director of the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs. As head of Veterans Affairs, Joel has served veterans across the state of Oklahoma – he is responsible for providing leadership, strategic planning, organizing and directing all agency programs and daily operations. Under Joel’s leadership, Oklahoma has become #1 among the 50 states for per capita federal benefits provided to disabled Oklahoma veterans. This reflects $2.4 billion in direct financial benefit to Oklahoma’s disabled veterans.

Joel’s new mission is to expand his duty of service to all Oklahomans – clean up fraud and corruption, and lead with integrity using the Constitution and the Bible as his moral guide.