Jessica Garvin

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 43

Party Affiliation: Republican





Thanks for visiting my website! Let me tell you a little bit about myself…
Garvin Family \
My name is Jessica Garvin. I am a local businesswoman that is committed to the vision of making Oklahoma a Top 10 State. We must capitalize on the momentum of our new state leadership by pushing for meaningful change that will build a better future for all Oklahomans.

I believe small business growth, developing a stronger educational system, decreasing wasteful spending, and creating a stronger infrastructure to help grow our local economies are the keys to driving Oklahoma to the top.

I have a broad spectrum of experience in the healthcare industry. I have been nationally recognized as one of the top leaders in my field and am well respected among those in the Oklahoma healthcare industry.

I was raised in Marlow and am a graduate of The University of Oklahoma where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communications. I live in Duncan with my husband of 10 years, Stephen, an employee of the Department of Human Services and our three children, Brooks (8), Kollins (5) and Tress (2).

Platform Issues


Having worked in the healthcare industry my entire adult life, I understand the current issues that need to be addressed for patients and providers. I am ready to get started on the first day working to ensure that rural areas maintain high-quality access to healthcare services.


We must place the education of our students as a top priority. As a mother of three wonderful kids, I, like all parents, want the best for them. We must make significant investments and improvements in our education system to ensure that Oklahoma is a top ten state for Education.

Workforce & Economy

As a business owner I understand the stresses that everyday small business owners in Oklahoma face. Our state’s leaders must ensure that our school systems are creating a highly skilled workforce. Further, our politicians must be replaced if they are not supporting the business community and fostering economic growth.