Jerri Parker

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 28

Party Affiliation: Republican




(405) 380-9562




Conservative business leader and entrepreneur

Jerri is a successful business leader and entrepreneur with a deep love for Oklahoma and its people. She is the right choice to represent the people of Oklahoma house district 28. She was one of three women recognized by Oklahoma country magazine 2012 as, “Women working in Ag”. In 2018, Jerri was recognized in the USDA/NRCS spotlight for Oklahoma farming and ranching.

Family first 

Jerri has strong conservative and family values with deep roots in Oklahoma. Jerri’s family was recognized as Seminole county’s 2009 family of the year. Jerri is very well known as a hard worker; one that will work for YOU! These values were passed down through seven family generations in Seminole County. Her family harvested cotton and peanuts, survived a dust bowl and even multiple wars. Jerri says, “I’ve spent many hours mending fences, feeding livestock in blizzards, baling hay in scorching heat and searching for wayward birthing mothers, but I love the peace and solitude of my country life”. Jerri enjoyed 34 years of marriage with her late husband Greg. Jerri raised Christian has instilled those values in her five children, and five grandchildren. Jerri has a deep love and pride of her family that spans almost 100 years from the youngest to oldest member!

Agriculture leader

Jerri assisted her parents in their cattle operation beginning in 1970 and followed in their footsteps. Her cattle operation is nearly forty years old. She established GJ Natural Farms which was USDA processed  and sold at the Oklahoma food coop from 2004-2017. She continues to raise and process beef and distributes it at farmers markets throughout Oklahoma. Jerri grows thousands of cantaloupes and watermelon each year they are sold at roadside stands and delivered to schools in the Oklahoma farm to school program.

Educator, mentor, and servant leader 

Jerri graduated from Butner public school in 1979 and from East Central University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science Education. She went on to earn a Master of Science Education in 1993. Jerri recently retired after 30 years of teaching in public schools. She taught mathematics at Okemah Middle/High School for 12 years, at Butner Junior High/High School for eight years, and Shawnee Alternative for 10 years. Her proficiency with numbers will make her a valuable asset at our state capitol as she works on the important task of balancing Oklahoma’s annual budget. Not only is Jerri a teacher, but a mentor and volunteer as well. From 2002-2004, Jerri worked with Senator Harry Coats on the HOPE project: Harvesting Organic Produce for the Elderly. They raised and delivered over 2000 pounds of vegetables for senior citizen centers in the district.

As a conservative business and agriculture leader, educator, and public servant driven by her strong family values, Jerri Parker for House District 28 will work hard for you! Jerri will apply her love for this district as well as her strong work ethic in representing the people of House District 28.

Vote Jerri Parker, Republican, on June 30, 2020.

Platform Issues

Choose Freedom

As a gun owner, hunter, and head of the household; Jerri knows guns are important for maintaining the ecosystem, protecting our homes, and our families.

Knowledge Is Power

An educator of 30 years, Jerri believes that helping children have the best educational opportunities will ensure a promising future for Oklahoma families.

Choose Life

As a mother of five, Jerri believes that each child deserves the opportunity to grow and develop.

Experience Matters

As a business Entrepreneur, Jerri knows what it is like starting at the bottom and has the passion to help others.

Family First

An advocate for parental rights, Jerri understands that there is not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to raising children. She will work diligently to protect parents rights to make choices for their children.