Jason Bollinger

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Candidate Details

Party Affiliation: Democrat






(405) 849-6716






Jason Bollinger, a Democrat, was born and raised in rural Western Oklahoma, where he learned the values important to all Oklahomans. Jason’s parents—a public school teacher and a city manager—taught him how to work hard, serve his neighbor and instilled in him the value of a good education. After graduating from Merritt High School in Elk City, Jason earned his associate’s degree from SWOSU at Sayre, and then a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a law degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Jason had the honor of serving his country in Washington, DC, where he worked at the U.S. Department of State. While there, he worked with the top levels of government and represented the US in a dispute against one of its greatest adversaries. Today, Jason is a successful attorney with his own law practice in downtown Oklahoma City.

Like many Oklahomans, Jason knows our representation in Washington is failing us. For too long, Oklahomans have been ignored while James Lankford has catered to big, out-of-state corporate donors, played partisan games, spent time bashing ice cream makers (really), and wasted time and tax dollars on issues of absolutely no relevance or benefit to the people of Oklahoma. This type of politician is exactly what is wrong with our country today.

Oklahomans deserve a Senator who will fight for the things that are important to us and our daily lives. We need affordable health care and a government that works. We want politicians who don’t waste our money or spend time dividing us against each other. Oklahomans need a better infrastructure, an improved education system, security for our nation, and so much more.

Jason Bollinger isn’t a perennial politician with a rolodex of donors to serve. He is an Oklahoman who has worked hard here his whole life with the “pick yourself up AND give one another a hand” spirit that makes Oklahoma special. Jason knows how Washington, DC works, and he knows we can do better. As Oklahoma’s senator, Jason will take the Oklahoma Spirit to Washington, DC and work toward one objective: fixing our country by serving the interests of and working for all Oklahomans in the United States Senate.