Jacob Hornberger

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Candidate Details

Party Affiliation: Libertarian






“A campaign of Principle for the Party of Principle”

Hornberger was born in Laredo, Texas and raised on a farm on the Rio Grande. He has a background in law and found the Future of Freedom Foundation whose mission is to present the case for the libertarian philosophy.


  • Open the Borders
  • Repeal Social Security and Medicare
  • Restore Sound Money and the Republic
  • No Nuclear War, End all Sanctions and Embargoes
  • Repeal Drug Laws, Preserve Gun Rights
  • Free Trade
  • Abolish Income Taxation and the IRS
  • Abolish the CIA, FBI, and NSA
  • End Foreign Interventionism
  • End War on Terrorism
  • Separate School and State
  • Separate Healthcare and the State
  • Protect the Environment
  • End Economic Regulations