Hoguen Apperson

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 4

Party Affiliation: Republican












Following the strong legacy of his family before him, Hoguen Apperson is a 6th generation resident of Delaware County. Running the largest cow/calf operation in the county, Hoguen has dedicated his life to hard work, community service, and family values.

Over the last year, our communities have been deeply impacted by the lasting effects of COVID-19, poor economic policies by the Biden Administration, and market, supply chain, and pricing instability caused by foreign conflicts and lack of America First leadership. Agriculture and rural businesses have experienced the heaviest impact. As an integral part of multiple family operated businesses including AST Storage, Hoguen understands these struggles more than most and is ready to step up and defend our rural communities and Oklahoma against federal government overreach, which has led to rising inflation and limited opportunities for every American.

“I believe in individual liberty, states’ rights, and the Founder’s Intent that we elect citizen legislators who are committed in service to secure the rights of the people. It would be an honor to serve you at the capitol – to ensure our freedoms are protected, and opportunities remain within rural Oklahoman’s reach.”

“I’ve spent my entire life helping to build my family business. My experience has taught me the value of a hard day’s work, the importance of a strong Christian faith, and the desperate need for more jobs and better economic opportunities in our community. We have to limit the scope of government by cutting red tape to become more competitive with surrounding states like Arkansas and Missouri.”

Hoguen and his wife, Danni Jo, are expecting a new baby later this year. As strong believers, and active members of the SWC Full Gospel Church, the Apperson family are strong pro-life advocates.