Guy Barker

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Candidate Details

US Congress District: District 2

Party Affiliation: Republican




(918) 430-3883



Guy Barker’s career has led him from work at the Oklahoma Supreme Court, through Oklahoma’s energy and agriculture communities, and to national recognition for stabilizing Quapaw tribal finances. He is a graduate of OSU and Oklahoma City University School of Law.

Guy Barker is a small business owner. Guy runs the oil & gas company, Flying B. Barker is a member of both the Osage and Quapaw nations. He currently serves as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Quapaw Nation, located in Ottawa County Oklahoma.

An 8th generation Oklahoman, Barker was born to Terry Joe Barker and Mary Martha Barker in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Following his high school graduation in Tulsa, Barker went on to earn his Bachelors of Science in Biosystems-Biomechanical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering from Oklahoma State University. Later he earned a law degree from Oklahoma City University School of Law while interning as a clerk for Chief Justice Noma Gurich of the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Barker’s career path has provided real world experience in both energy and finance. After attending Oklahoma State University, where Barker received his Petroleum Engineering degree, he joined Samson Resources in Tulsa, Oklahoma as an operations engineer in the company’s Mid-Continent division. Barker went on to work as an acquisition and development engineer for Mojave Oil & Gas and later started his own small oil & gas company, Flying B, which he still owns and operates to this day.

In 2020 Barker became the head financial officer of the Quapaw Nation, who employs over 3,000 people across 4 different states in industries ranging from agriculture, gaming, environmental remediation, food production, and much more.

As part of a collaborative leadership team, Guy was instrumental in opening the Saracen Casino and Resort in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the first commercially owned gaming property owned by an Oklahoma tribal nation. In December of 2021, Barker successfully raised $725 million in capital in order to refinance the Nation’s largest gaming enterprises in an effort to reduce capital costs and eliminate the Nation’s outstanding debt. Since December 2021, Barker has retired over $50 million in debt, created over $1.52 billion in savings, drastically reduced spending, and has balanced the Nation’s budget.

As our nation faces both an energy and an economic crisis, Guy Barker announced his candidacy for the U.S. Congress. His background and record of success in the oil fields, business, and finance is exactly the skill set needed in the next generation of leaders for our nation.