George Faught

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 14

Party Affiliation: Republican






Tough times call for experienced leadership. George Faught has owned a successful small business for 33 years and knows how important it is to get Oklahomans back to work.

George Faught has delivered for Business Owners
• Helped pass meaningful Worker’s Comp reforms and real tort reform
• Fought against corporate welfare giveaways that allow government to pick “winners” and “losers”

George Faught has delivered on Education
• Voted for teacher pay raises and to increase Education funding
• Strengthened the solvency of the Teachers Retirement Pension System
• Secured funding for the School for the Blind and merit bonuses for overlooked Fort Gibson teachers

George Faught has delivered for Families
• Authored and co-authored numerous Pro-Life measures helping to protect the most vulnerable among us – unborn babies.
• Tirelessly fought to protect Parental Rights.
• Authored and passed legislation regarding nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
• Voted to expand Oklahoma’s Promise – college tuition assistance for lower income families.
• Voted against mandates for vaccination of children.

George Faught has delivered for Gun Owners
• Authored and passed legislation protecting gun owners’ rights
• Co-authored Open Carry and Constitutional Carry bills
• Named “Patriot of the 2nd Amendment” by OK2A
• Been endorsed by the NRA with an A+ rating and 100% voting record

George Faught has delivered for our Veterans
• Supported the Soldier’s Relief Act, exempting active duty pay from state income tax.
• Honored our veterans by designating August 7th as the annual Purple Heart Day in Oklahoma
• Helped bring the mast of the USS Oklahoma from Pearl Harbor to Muskogee’s War Memorial Park

George Faught has delivered on Immigration
• An original primary author on the landmark immigration legislation HB1804
• Worked to ensure that our hard-earned tax dollars are not funneled to illegal immigrants
• Advocated to make English the official language of state government