Erick Harris

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 39

Party Affiliation: Republican




Erick is a former Assistant Attorney General who had a stellar record of fighting waste and fraud. Erick currently serves on the Oklahoma Department of Corrections board and as your state representative, he will be a champion of our brave men and women in law enforcement. Erick will always fight for law and order.

Erick is pro-life and pro-family. Erick believes we must both empower parents to make the best educational choices for their families and invest heavily in our public schools. Erick believes education is critically important to our long-term success as a state. He will fight the radical left’s attempts to indoctrinate our children in the classroom.

Erick believes in limited government. Erick is a successful small business attorney and works every day to fight against burdensome rules and regulations. He will cut red-tape, empower businesses to thrive, and work to defeat Biden’s inflation that is hurting Edmond families.


“I’m running to bring new conservative leadership to Edmond. I’m running to fight for public safety, stand for our values and empower businesses to thrive. Nobody will work harder than me for Edmond families.”


  • Law and Order: Erick was proud to serve as a Republican prosecutor in the attorney general’s office.
    • As a conservative, Erick believes we must provide law enforcement with the resources, pay, training and respect they deserve.
    • We need to invest in proven, common sense policing measures and proactive strategies to keep our neighborhoods and schools safe.
    • Criminals who pose a threat to our community must face appropriate consequences.
    • The rights of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families must not be infringed upon.
    • Many individuals in the criminal justice system need access to proper treatment and support to break the cycle of crime.
  • Children’s Future: As the son and grandson of educators and a former adjunct professor at the University of Central Oklahoma, education is more than just policy for Erick; it’s a personal commitment.
    • As a conservative, Erick believes the parents, teachers and school boards in our community know what’s best for our kids.
    • Every child is unique, and parents should have the freedom to choose the best educational path for their kids.
    • Our students should be proficient in reading, writing and arithmetic – not Critical Race Theory and transgender ideology.
    • We must have high standards and regular assessments to measure student progress, as well as the effectiveness of teachers and administrators.
    • We need to invest in our educational infrastructure to ensure a safe and effective learning environment. It’s also vital that we pay our teachers competitive salaries.
    • As a strong believer in the value of a public-school education, Erick will work to strengthen public schools.
  • Lawful Immigration: As a conservative, Erick believes in principles that ensure national security while also supporting the role of local law enforcement.
    • Effective border control is necessary to prevent the flow of fentanyl, and other illegal drugs and activities into our community.
    • We must enforce legal pathways for those who wish to contribute to our great state and nation.
    • Local law enforcement must be provided the resources to combat human trafficking and keep other criminals out of our community and state.
    • We must integrate new immigrants into our country and community, and encourage and foster a sense of belonging and love for America and our values.
  • Sanctity of Life: As a conservative, Erick is dedicated to protecting the rights of the unborn and ensuring a culture that values life.
    • Erick is unwavering in his support of pro-life values.
    • We must streamline the adoption process and provide resources and assistance to families who open their hearts and homes to adopted children.
    • We should provide resources and assistance to young people and pregnant women that empowers them to make informed, pro-life choices.
    • Erick is committed to advocating for pro-life legislation at the state level, protecting the rights of the unborn and promoting a culture that cherishes life.
    • We must offer compassionate alternatives to abortion, including the choice of adoption.
  • Freedom Through Lower Taxes: Erick believes Oklahomans are better equipped than the government to determine how to spend their hard-earned money.
    • Erick wants to reduce the tax burden on Oklahomans and help them keep more of their earnings.
    • We must ensure that every taxpayer dollar is used wisely and eliminate wasteful government spending.
    • By creating a business-friendly environment, we can attract more companies and jobs to our state, ensuring a brighter future for all Oklahomans.