Emilie Tindle

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 11

Party Affiliation: Democrat






(918) 606-8646






With family ties to Collinsville and Bartlesville, Emilie is running to bring better policies to the state house. Making Oklahoma a vibrant state for families and businesses to thrive is her top priority for HD 11.

Emilie grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Early on, she learned the values of faith and hard work from her tight-knit family and local community.

A 2014 alumnus of Tulsa Technology Center’s Vision Care Technologies program, she’s worked in healthcare as an eye doctor’s assistant in Oklahoma, Kansas, and across the Midwest. Changing career directions, she recently revamped a social media program for a small Oklahoma business.

Through each of her experiences, Emilie learned the importance of advocacy for all people, experienced the necessity of regular access to preventative healthcare, and saw firsthand the structural problems of our current systems. With her working class background, Emilie understands the need for good employer-employee relations and the necessity of fair negotiation in the workplace. As Oklahoma faces new challenges in 2020, Emilie knows that innovation, economic diversity, and investment in people are vital to Oklahoma’s present stability and future success.

Today, Emilie lives in Collinsville, Oklahoma. Since 2014, she’s been married to James, who works as a historian for the Air Force. She is a non-traditional student at Oklahoma State University pursuing a BA in History. Through university research and civic involvement, she exercises her skills of bringing people together and advocating for diverse perspectives. Emilie is active in the House District 11 community, is a member of the Collinsville Chamber of Commerce, and strives to help Oklahoma thrive wherever and whenever possible.

Emilie’s dream for Oklahoma is best practices in business-employee relationships, a robust healthcare system that benefits all Oklahomans, and education funding with strategies that guarantee each student a chance of success.

Survey Issues

What do you want your Muslim constituents to know about you?

I support civil liberties/rights, religious plurality, and impartiality from the government. We are focused on public education, government reform, healthcare access, and economic recovery in 2020.

On a personal note, I have a pet rabbit and enjoy painting and cooking in my free time.

Platform Issues


As a state, we can implement common-sense protections that lower exploitative drug prices and promote maternal and infant health to protect our newest citizens. We should accept federal dollars for healthcare to expand access to preventative health and regular care for all our citizens. We need to stop the epidemic of rural hospital closures to ensure that all our citizens have near access to emergency services.


Emilie Tindle wants to: Restore common & higher education funding Fix the broken teacher pipeline through higher and continuing education incentives Trust teachers & prioritize their control of classroom curricula Increase per-pupil funding to a competitive regional rate (and maintain this with every annual budget) Reduce class sizes, especially in elementary classrooms Promote trauma-informed education Pass elementary play-based education legislation

Criminal Justice

The Oklahoma criminal justice system is costly, ineffective, and in desperate need of reform. Emilie Tindle wants to: * End the cash bail system in Oklahoma * End civil asset forfeiture in Oklahoma * Support and pass State Question 805, a measure for sentencing reform (has bipartisan support: https://www.yeson805.org/) * Increase drug diversion court access and options * Stop using the criminal justice system to treat mental health problems * Seek data-driven improvements in education and job training for incarcerated persons that are proven to lower recidivism rates and rebuild our communities (https://okpolicy.org/issues/justice-system/)