Denise Crosswhite-Hader

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 41

Party Affiliation: Republican




This candidate does not have a Democratic opponent and will therefore serve as the next Representative for this district.

Denise Crosswhite Hader was born and raised in Oklahoma with the values of Christian faith, patriotism, and a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” work ethic. As a young girl, her parents thought it would be good to raise their young daughters in a farming community, with a school district which reinforced their values and heritage. So they moved to the little town of Piedmont, OK. The population was about 1500 at that time.

Denise realized early that she loved the idea of serving others and trying to make the world better through political processes. She served on student councils in both high school and college, was a Page at the State Capitol, as well as participating in Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature.

Frustrated with the US Congressional banking scandal in the early ’90s, she helped underdog, Ernest Istook, unseat a longtime incumbent Congressman who had lost his way. As staff, she was part of the “Contract with America” era when Congress made and kept promises.

As a Field Representative for the Congressman, she focused on transportation infrastructure and military issues, as well as facilitating service academy nominations.

She has volunteered for or managed many campaigns o n many levels for principled folks such as Dr. Tom Coburn, James Lankford and Auditor Gary Jones.

Denise is a graduate of Oral Roberts University, with a Bachelor’s in Government, as well as having served on the Board of Regents for Southwestern Christian University and is a former member of the Tinker Bond Oversight Committee working to protect Tinker AFB from BRAC closure.

Serving as the Legislative Liaison for Labor Commissioner, Mark Costello, was a great honor for Denise as she helped him bring common sense, private-sector business practices to the agency.

Crosswhite Hader has also worked as a zoning analyst helping lending institutions know if the properties they finance are quality investments, and also owns a small property management business.

As Christians, Denise and her husband, Marc Hader, serve in many ways, facilitating DivorceCare, blended family support groups, and pre-marital counseling for their church, The Bridge, in Mustang and Piedmont. She is blessed to have her two daughters and sons-in-law and three grandchildren living in the area.