Dean Phillips

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Candidate Details

Party Affiliation: Democrat





Dean Phillips is a three-term Democratic Congressman from Minnesota running for President on a platform of relieving the economic hardship felt by working families, repairing our broken political system, and reimagining the solutions to the most intractable problems plaguing our society.

Dean is running for president because America is unaffordable, and we need to do something about it.


Dean’s plan is to create an affordable America that brings us peace at home and abroad.

  • Building millions of new houses and apartments people can afford.
  • Banning drug companies from charging Americans more than they charge in other countries.
  • Providing affordable healthcare through Medicare For All, while preserving choice.
  • Stopping the big corporations from gouging consumers of food and fuel.
  • Providing tuition free college and vocational training and zero interest student loans.
  • Restoring the expanded Child Tax Credit.
  • Creating an affordable childcare system.
  • Raising pay to a living wage for hard-working Americans in every zip code.